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"After a year of trying to get through the divorce process with my ex on our own without a lawyer, it became obvious that a lawyer is essential in this process, even when it is amicable. After conversations with 4 lawyers, Sarah really stood out. I knew she was going to do the best job. I ended up being blown away by her -- she was so responsive to all of my questions, she made sure that I understood the process, and what to expect, and she had be divorced in just over a month. I can't recommend her enough."

- Jen H.

"My wife and I met Brad Bennett through a friend. Once we met with him, we knew that we were in good hands and we were very confident going into this unfortunate matter with Brad representing us. He is a young and very talented lawyer who definitely is very knowledgeable when it comes to family law. Not only that, he goes out of his way to make sure you understand every situation you are about to go through. He keeps you grounded and makes sure you stay focused on the real issues and what truly matters which is family. Brad worked tirelessly to get our situation resolved without having to set foot in court which was one of our goals. No child should ever have to see their parents fight in a court room where he/she might have to get involved. That was my main issue when I met Brad. I specifically told him that I don’t want my daughter to get involved which she didn’t. Without Brad, I am sure we would never have gotten the results we wanted. He said it himself, “it is rare to get a case that is initiated by the opposing party which results in me gaining everything and nothing for the opposing party.” But that just shows how great Brad is. He will do everything he can to get the results you deserve."

- Gino V.

"Working with Bennett Law was a good experience. My Attorney, Sarah Casey, was very knowledgeable and aggressive with getting everything I asked for. When it came to communication, she was very responsive and I never felt brushed off. What Sarah Casey was able to get me was about 50 percent more in child support, successfully received retroactive child support and child support arrearage; and the father of my child was court ordered to contribute to my attorneys' fees. I would definitely choose this firm again if it ever became necessary."

- Tasha B.

"Like many of you I blindly searched for online reviews, selected the three highest rated firms and sent out blind emails…


This was at 6:30AM. I was impressed when I received a reply by 7:00AM. This wasn’t an automated reply. Rather, it was Brad Bennett reaching out to set up our initial consultation. We spoke immediately thereafter and I explained to Brad that I was about to get married. As my fiancé and I were both successful executives, we were interested in a very balanced prenuptial agreement. And, our wedding was in 30 days…

I was impressed by his knowledge of every aspect of marital law, and in particular, his knowledge of the pending & potential changes in the Illinois statutes. This expertise was very relevant as we entered negotiations with my fiancé and her attorney. His experience, having focused on family law throughout his career, was instrumental in getting to a reasonable and realistically executable agreement — all while helping maintain relationship harmony as our wedding date was fast approaching.

Brad took the lead and drafted, redrafted and negotiated some creative solutions balancing both our needs to get the Premarital Agreement done. I was very happy with the final agreement reached in the 11th hour – yes, we signed our agreement the day before our wedding!

Throughout the entire process, I was kept well informed. Brad and I communicated via email, text and phone calls at all hours due to my hectic travel schedule. He maintained the highest level of availability to answer my questions — both from a legal point of view, as well as identifying what was realistic and practical – he too remained focused on getting this done. I will gladly recommend Brad and his law firm to represent any of my friends and family in need of an excellent and highly responsive family attorney."

- Kevin H.

"Brad performed a review of a prenuptial agreement that had already been structured and had little room for flexibility. Despite the constraints imposed by the agreement, Brad provided invaluable insights on improving the structure of the agreement, helped identify and remove excessively punitive clauses, and was able to make several recommendations to clarify language and circular references that were ultimately accepted by opposing counsel. Brad was extremely professional in his demeanor toward my fiance’s family’s requests, in his responses to my requests, and in his overall handling of the case. Brad took the time to help me understand the legal jargon and gave me peace of mind that I was protected throughout this sensitive process. He was readily available via email or phone, despite having trials and other open cases, and he made arrangements to meet in person upon request within just a couple business days. Reasonable retainer fee for services compared against several other firms in the Loop. Highly recommended for anyone needing counsel to sign a prenup."

- N.C.

"I used this Firm (Bradford Bennett was my attorney) for my divorce after spending almost a year with another attorney that was not getting the job done. When Bradford took my divorce case over, he took over effortlessly and did his job quick and in my best interest. There was a lot of paperwork that my other attorney should have had done and Brad got it done quickly and accurately. I also send my friend here as I knew he would be in great hands!"

- Michael D.

"You have a friend in Brad! When looking for an attorney I needed someone that would have my back, guide me through the maze of legal documents to ensure I was protected, and be available on demand to quickly resolve any issues. Brad did all of these things and more. Not only was he able to ensure I kept my marital property, but also the marital car, sole custody of the children, child support even if my ex wasn’t working, and protected me when my ex’s attorney withdrew. He was not only my attorney but my friend."

- Jessica G.

"Bennett Law did great for my divorce situation. Sarah was very thorough for my needs and also stayed on top of my ex-spouse's attorney. In the end, I feel that I received a more than fair settlement between myself and my ex-spouse. The length of time until a finalized divorce was rather lengthy but that was not due to Sarah or her firm despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The holdup was due to the hold up on my ex-spouse's side. Thank you to Sarah and team!"

- Todd H.

"I immediately felt as though I was in good hands from the initial consultation. Brad was thorough, intelligent, straight-forward, and personable. I’m very grateful for all he did for me and my son. He is a blessing to family law."

- Carrie B.

"I highly recommend Brad and the team. I had a very difficult divorce process and, first and foremost, I was focused on my children. Brad helped me devise and execute a strategy that enabled me as the sole, working parent to be the residential custodian and from there to finalize all other matters. Under great pressure in very, very difficult situations we finalized the divorce on better terms than I could have hoped for at the outset. The process was tied up in knots and going nowhere initially; there were plenty of opportunities for the process to get dragged out further or to take a bad turn, and Brad managed it all expertly. Highly recommend."

- R.

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