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"Brad went beyond the call of duty in representing me regarding custody and child support issues for my two year old son. Due to my ex partner’s irrational behavior and his misguided attempt to represent himself, there were countless roadblocks during the case, including the involvement of the police, unsuccessful mediation and an assigned guardian ad litem. During this process Brad was always within reach to offer his advice and counsel. He was also present during the final meeting regarding the Allocation Judgement, and was instrumental in facilitating a favorable outcome for me. It was a long and grueling process, but Brad was there every step of the way giving me advice as to how to proceed. After finally going to trial, I was awarded more than statutory child support, in addition to 50% of childcare and other expenses. I firmly believe this outcome was solely due to Brad’s persistence and insightful handling of my case. I am so thankful to him, and know that I would not have received this outcome without his representation."

- Kjersti N.

"Brad worked diligently with me to throughout the divorce process to make sure we obtained the best possible outcome. I say “we” because I felt like Brad truly partnered with me and had my best interest, and the best interest of my child, at heart. Brad was patient, thorough, caring, unassuming, responsive and constantly discussing options with me. Brad was generous with his time and didn’t make me feel like the “meter was running” all the time. I would recommend Brad to anyone who needs the services of an attorney no matter what your situation is."

- Tim

"Working with Brad Bennett and his team was a real pleasure and a lifesaver! After working with several lawyers that left us in the dark and feeling hopeless, we decided that we would reach out to Brad and take a shot at working with one more lawyer. For the first time in a couple years and four different lawyer consultations, we had someone (Brad Bennett) give us hope in finding a resolution to our case! He had options for us that no other lawyer had given us and was extremely knowledgeable! He took on our case and worked diligently to find the best resolution. Brad and his team were extremely patient and persistent with our case and kept us in the loop every step of the way! There were times we thought our case would never end or that the outcome wouldn’t be favorable, but Brad and the rest of his team always found a way to reassure us that things would get straightened out. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. They cared about us and our case and it showed in their work. Without Brad and his team, we would be in a very difficult situation. After a whole year battle, Brad and team were able to get the best resolution possibly for our case!"

- Rolanda U.

"Brad is an outstanding Attorney. Prior to hiring Brad, I used another Attorney and my case was moving very slow, and became complicated quickly. From the first meeting I had with Brad, I knew he was going to get me through this very difficult situation. Brad truly cares about his clients. We were in constant communication via phone, text, and e-mail. He understood that my main priority was my children and spending the maximum amount of time with them. Not only did Brad negotiate the best visitation schedule, he also did a great job on the financial settlement. I’m grateful for everything Brad has done for my case."

- John D.

"I think Brad is wonderful! Very easy to work with. He’s very knowledgeable in his field and prompt in returning calls. He well exceeded my expectations even with dealing with a very irritating opposing side. He’s a charmer! Thanks Brad!"

- Patty W.

"Words cannot express my gratitude! The first time I met Bradford Bennett he set my mind at ease. Brad listened to the details of my complex contempt of court case. I was convinced he believed in me. Brad and his team immediately began to develop a plan to defend the many charges that were brought against me. During our investigation we uncovered some very disturbing information that quickly turned the proceedings into a full blown custody case. Without hesitation Brad switched his focus from defending me to helping me retrieve my children. In a matter of days an emergency motion was filed and I had my three minor children living with me in my home. During the next 18 months Brad, Margaret and I spent a great deal of time preparing for and responding to motion after motion filed against me in an attempt to deflect from our case. Brad had the patience of a Saint when OC filed continuance after continuance. When we finally made it to trial it did not last long. Bradford Bennett’s intimidating superior command of the courtroom left no doubt in what the outcome would be. His extensive knowledge of case law had opposing counsel scrambling to keep up. Throughout the entire process Brad kept me grounded and sane. When I became frustrated or angry he would keep me focused on the bigger picture. I would not wish this situation on any family. The emotional roller-coaster was almost too much to bear. The personal concern that Brad showed for my children and me was genuine. Everything about the Bennett Law Firm from start to finish speaks of professionalism. I would recommend Bradford Bennett to anyone finding themselves in need of a truly gifted attorney."

- Louis R.

"I reached out to Mr. Bennett by telephone when I was stationed in Korea. The first 6 to 7 months of my divorce process Mr. Bennett and only spoke over the phone and by email. The way Mr. Bennett conducted himself professionally with every aspect of my case. The loyalty that Mr. Bennett had in order to achieve the highest outcome of my case was outstanding. I could not ask for a better lawyer than him. The time, dedication and the patience that Mr. Bennett had with me in order to understand every aspect of my case. He never left no question unattended to include that every answer he gave I understood. I would recommend Mr. Bennett and his law team to everyone that would need one in the Chicago land area."

- Jim

"Through a very long and challenging post-decree divorce process, including several petitions, Bradford Bennett remained the consummate professional. His honesty, integrity, confidence, expertise and compassion alongside his vast knowledge of the law, resulted in a successful and favorable agreement, avoiding an un-necessary trial. Bradford was prompt to return calls or emails from myself and from the opposing counsel, even when they were frequently evasive.  When required, Bradford was compelling and forceful with the OC, yet diplomatic so as to de-escalate issues when they arose. He was a master at the written law yet creative in finding solutions when it appeared we were at a standstill. Throughout the duration of our 18 months together, Bradford consistently remained on-task and fast-paced, yet empathetic to situations that arose.  Our situation caused me to run on high emotions at times, however; each time I spoke with Bradford, it immediately disarmed me. He helped maintain my focus on the true issues and kept me focused on the bigger picture, not getting caught up in the details. He had a perspective and a context that constantly reassured me, calmed me, and decreased the enormous anxiety I was feeling. I would highly recommend Bradford as your representation and while I am quite certain that as a result of his tireless efforts and a hugely favorable outcome for me, I will not be in this situation again, I would undoubtedly hire him again in the future."

- Jerry

"An attorney with such great caliber! Let’s be reasonable, if you are hiring an attorney, it’s probably not for a good and exciting reason. However, if you hire the right one (Brad Bennett) you are certainly in good hands. This attorney truly understands that clients work hard and have a family to support and a life to live; he is not one of your typical attorneys. He is a genuine and professional subject matter expert of the Chicagoland area and will fight with you every step of the way. There is a reason why he is the Illinois Super Lawyers “Rising Star” for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, & 2016 and the Illinois Leading Lawyers “Emerging Lawyer” for the year 2015 as well as the NATIONAL Advocates Top 100 Matrimonial & Family Lawyer for the year 2015. A man of such integrity and initiative to not only get what you want as a client but to see through the opposing counsel and achieve matters that only benefits his clients. I, personally, wanted to simply be defensive to the petitions raised against me, however, with the help of Brad, I was able to respond back to my petitions aggressively -and- with a “Structured Parental Visitation Agreement” that was not in my original divorce decree. Picture Brad Bennett walking into court and all other attorneys tucking their tails between their legs; his aggressive demeanor, overwhelming focus, and tactics do just that. I couldn’t be any happier with my decision to hire Brad.


- Michael K.

"Divorce, when you have children can be quite challenging. I was dealing with an extremely difficult situation with my ex husband regarding my decision to relocate my children. Mr. Bennett facilitated an agreement that both parties found acceptable. My move went smoothly and our transition has been amazing. I want thank Mr. Bennett for spending two days assisting me with moving on with my life and starting over with my children."

- A Client

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