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Divorce and Legal Separation

At Bennett Law, our award-winning attorneys and hard-working staff work tirelessly to advocate for our clients.  As we explain to potential clients in our detailed consultations, the goal in any pre-decree divorce matter is to have it out of court as swiftly as possible – while making sure that their interests are protected every step of the way.  That is not always the case, however, often due to the frivolous actions of our client’s spouses or their counsels.

In those situations, it’s crucial to have advocates on your side that know their way around a courtroom and litigate any contested issues such as the allocation of parenting responsibilities and child support, the division of marital property and debts and spousal support (maintenance). With a combined thousands of hearings and trials, the attorneys at Bennett Law have the negotiation and litigation background to be able to get the optimal result in your divorce matter, including complex financial disputes and the unfortunate situations where there are disputes involving your minor children.

At Bennett Law, you will find the whole package in divorce representation: Highly skilled attorneys and staff that listen to you, communicate swiftly and effectively while providing practical legal advice and a thorough strategy tailored to your specific situation.

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