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If you believe that an amicable resolution is possible with your spouse or partner, then mediation can be a cost-effective method to resolve your differences either before, or after, initiating your divorce or family law matter in court.

Unlike attorneys who can only represent one party and advocate that party’s positions, private or court-appointed mediators act as a “third-party neutral” who helps both parties reach an agreement. A mediator cannot give either party legal advice nor advocate either party’s position – he/she works with the parties to suggest a solution as well as guide each party through any potential pitfalls in their positions. Yet, like most professions, not all mediators are created equal and choosing the right mediator can be an exhausting process.


Many mediators are not licensed attorneys who are familiar with the law or legal process. Moreover, those mediators who are licensed attorneys may only handle uncontested matters (in addition to mediation) and have little knowledge of courtroom procedure or what to expect should mediation fail.

Attorney Bradford L. Bennett is not only a trained mediator, but he’s an experienced litigator who has brought hundreds of cases to successful resolution through negotiation, the pre-trial process, as well as multi-day evidentiary trials. Why is this important? It allows Brad to not only provide his clients with an accurate idea of what would otherwise be equitable in court, but the forethought to address every issue that must be discussed in order to reach a global agreement. Additionally, his extensive and up-to-date knowledge of the law is invaluable when it comes to providing guidance as to such important issues as maintenance, child support, allocation and valuation of assets, division of debts, parenting time, and the relationship among these issues.


If you are interested in learning more about mediation or how the role of a mediator is different from that of an attorney, please do not hesitate to contact Brad at (312) 786-5800.

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