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"You are in good hands! I am usually not into writing reviews. But I felt like a job well done deserves appreciation and this is the best way to do it ! I reached out to Brad when I figured that my previous attorney was goofing around with my case and no progress was made after months expect my wallet was draining. My ex and opposing counsel was coming up all kind of false narratives to influence the court, keeping my son away from me, mentally torturing me in all possible ways and dragging the case to no end. I needed someone to understand the situation, listen to me and save me out of the deep hole I was in, get a GAL appointed and move the case forward. I did lots of online research to make sure I pick the right attorney and one of the reason that I picked Brad Bennett is when I spoke with him the first time, I could see the friend in him. You can find many attorneys, but if they understand you like your family and friends, support you when things go crazy and guide you in the right direction, then the divorce journey would be much easier and that's my story! Immediately after Brad represented me in the court, we got a GAL appointed. During the process, my ex and opposing counsel tried to influence the GAL with false narratives and drama. But under the expert guidance of Brad and his team I was able to prove my arguments establish equal parenting rights for my son and establish a decent allocation judgment. Mine was a very complicated case with the entire world falling for the false stage set by my ex and standing against me. Adding to the complexity was the foreign assets back in India and the assets my ex was hiding from disclosing, fake documentations produced by my ex and her counsel that were submitted to the court thinking the attorneys in US won't know the Indian law and system. It needed the knowledge, skill and a great deal of patience of a well experienced attorney and team to navigate the various challenges that came our way. Brad's team including Sarah Casey and Cassie Roberts took up the challenge, learned a lot about the Indian law, culture and how things work there in regards to marital assets, bank accounts etc. and was able to use this knowledge and information during the trial to expose the opposing counsel. My case went on for 2 and half years with a trial that lasted around 7 days! At the end of the trial, we exposed all the false claims made by my ex and her counsel, all the assets she was hiding got exposed and accounted for. One thing you always hear is trials are risky and expensive. When you know you are right and you got the right team representing you in the court, it's worth taking the risk and stand up for your loved ones. At the end, our Judge literally entered almost our entire proposed Judgment utterly ignoring opposing counsels'! At Bennett Law, one would find a very skilled, knowledgeable, flexible, composed and friendly team with exceptional communication, people, research, analytical and judgmental skills. Their creativity, dedication, competitiveness goes above and beyond expectation. They are always available for you when you need them and they support you like a friend through out the process. I am happy and proud that Brad and his team represented me in my case and I highly recommend them! A big shout-out to Brad Bennett, Sarah Casey, Cassie Roberts !"

- Arun

"I obtained Bennett Law in January of 2021. I primarily spoke with Sarah Casey through out the 6 months it took for everything in my case to be finalized. Not only was I satisfied with the speedy outcome, the communication is impeccable. I was looking to establish a parenting agreement and child support through the court, and having be my first time ever doing this I was nervous and anxious. Sarah and everyone at Bennett Law is really great at communicating each step through out the process which made me feel comfortable. I can't thank her and the team enough. She is highly recommended."

- A Client

"Brad is an excellent attorney who is very intelligent and well versed in the law. He is very articulate whether in the divorce trial-court, discussions with the GAL, or in private conversations as we tailored our approach to my priorities. He is an excellent communicator both in his written documents and during conversations. He was always forcefully striving to get the best outcome for me and my children by determining the best approach and exploring creative options. His sincere and focused efforts were integral in the court’s decision to grant me as the primary residential parent for my kids. Brad is an exceptional and gifted lawyer. My case was very contentious and filled with many distractions and accusations from the OC. Brad remained calm, focused, and strategic. He is not only highly intelligent but also is sympathetic and absolutely focused on getting the best outcome for me. He is patient, compassionate, and thorough in what he does and presents. I had interacted with many lawyers during my divorce process, but Brad is clearly set apart from them. He is very knowledgeable, hard-working, and thoughtful. There is every reason why he is a Rising Star. I would highly recommend Brad, in fact, I can not recommend him highly enough while going through such a difficult and heart-wrenching experience as a divorce."

- Geoff

"Sarah was an excellent attorney to help me through my divorce. She took the time to really understand why my marriage was ending so that she could create the case for the judge and make sure I was represented in the best way possible. My ex had a very difficult attorney who did not want to make the process easy and she navigated it very well - getting me divorced as quickly as possible. She also was very responsive to any and all questions and never felt like she was too busy for me. Lastly, she made sure to be mindful of her billing so that my divorce wouldn't cost me a fortune. I hope to never need her again, but if I did, I would definitely use her again. Thanks again for treating me like a friend during this process. Made a sad situation less terrible and even had a few good laughs along the way!"

- Margie

"I first met Brad in September 2012 when I was initially contemplating a divorce. Our initial consultation was to help educate me on the whole divorce process and to discuss several delicate topics I had some concerns about how to handle. After our initial meeting, I knew I did not have to interview other lawyers to find a more knowledgeable or committed, strategic advisor to help me through an overcomplicated legal process. Several years later, when my divorce was inevitable, Brad was able to pick up where we left off and then lead the way to a very favorable outcome. Brad was able to secure the exact parenting schedule that I wanted, he was able to negotiate an excellent modified maintenance agreement, and he successfully defended several legal motions against me. Brad and his team removed a lot of the stress and strain of a difficult divorce process and allowed me to focus more on what is important to me: my kids and our future."

- K.A.

"Hiring Sarah Casey was the best decision I could've made for myself and my divorce. When my ex had told me he wanted a divorce, I knew immediately I wanted a lawyer to protect myself and my young children (4yo and 1yo) through the process and for our future. A family member had recommended Bennett Law, who handled his divorce. Bennett Law was the first, and only, law firm with whom I had inquired. I met with Attorney Sarah Casey on a phone call to go over my situation. She answered all of the questions I had right off the bat and was very honest and professional from the get-go. Sarah was very thorough and responsive throughout the proceedings, was readily available to answer my many questions, and carefully listened and responded to all of the comments I had. Sarah and I worked together through email correspondence and phone calls to finalize the legal documents she drew up for my case. (Thanks to COVID, I never actually met Sarah and her team in person). The documents were very well written, covering all areas to protect my children and myself, and included all hypothetical situations for the future, such as when my children are in college. She brought up many points that I would have never thought of had I not hired a lawyer. Although my ex decided to represent himself pro-se, Sarah was in communication with him via email to provide him the final documents for review and approval. She was open and available to answer any questions he may have had, not to represent him, but to explain any of the documents presented to him so he could better understand them. Sarah had submitted the initial document, the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage on November 17th to the court, and our divorce was finalized on February 11th. The proceedings were pretty seamless thanks to Attorney Sarah Casey and her team, paralegal Cassie and Attorney Brad Bennett. The process was clearly communicated, detailing each step and what to expect along the way. When it came down to the week prior to our prove-up in court, Sarah prepared my ex and I with how our court appearance would go, including the questions she was going to ask us each separately in front of the Judge. She prepared me (us) for a pivotal moment in our lives, and I can’t thank her and Bennett Law enough for the professional, hard work put into my case. I highly recommend Bennett Law, and Attorney Sarah Casey for your divorce. She and I were on the same page with making sure everything was in the best interest of my children, and I’m confident that I couldn’t have had a better Attorney to work with for my case. Thank you, thank you Attorney Sarah Casey!"

- Lauren

"From the initial consultation to our first court appearance Brad showed great knowledge and demonstrated his experience. Brad was able to help me gain temporary custody of my son during a turbulent time in my life. His team is fast and available for any questions I had. Brad would also call just to check in and see how I was doing which I think is a great show of compassion and professionalism on his part. Overall I am very satisfied in retaining Brad."

- David M.

"Excellent lawyer. Sarah is an excellent lawyer at Bennet Law. She is very responsive and absolutely put in the effort to understand my case and offer strong recommendations to me. She is well-organized, thorough, and a very strong negotiator. Sarah presented details of my case to the opposing party and made it clear and logical. Right from the start she made it difficult for the opposing side to reject. In addition to being a well-rounded lawyer, Sarah's excellent responsiveness and willingness to discuss any concerns was very reassuring to me during a difficult divorce process. I was confident that the outcome of the case would be as positive as possible. I really appreciate the way Sarah focused and got it done and did such a great job of juggling all the issues."

- Geoff

"Brad is very a dedicated and committed attorney who focuses strongly on achieving the best possible results for his client. Brad represented me through my challenging divorce and was always on top of all the complicated details. Brad was very responsive and provided positive solutions to issues that came up through the divorce process. Brad is resilient and a true leader who worked with me every step of the way. Thanks to Brad, the outcome of my divorce was very favorable for me, including a favorable settlement and a creative parenting schedule for my pets. I highly recommend Brad to get the job done in the best interest of his client!"

- Cindy B.

"I obtained Bennett Law and Sarah Casey to help me recoup child related expenses from my ex. From the start to the speedy finish, the entire process was quick, easy and extremely professional. Knowing I had Sarah Casey representing me and Bennett Law behind me was reassuring. I highly recommend Sarah Casey and Bennett Law."

- Julie C.

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